Rapid prototyping for

image processing with OpenCV

The visual programming environment for image processing with C++

- Now also available for free -


Cassandra is a visual programming environment to model algorithms that lets you simply develop algorithms for image processing and signal processing. The extensive C++ integration of libraries such as OpenCV and IPP functions makes Cassandra a highly effective development platform and allows you to reach a solution faster than with conventional programming languages.

You can use Cassandra for a range of applications, including signal processing and image and video processing, e. g. camera-based driver assistance system etc. Numerous scientific institutions use Cassandra, the visual programming environment for image processing with C++.




Visual Programming Environment

Cassandra Studio is a software product to develop computer vision and signal processing applications without programming. It includes an IDE, the C++-Programming Interface (API) and several Plug-Ins, e. g. charts.

The functionalities provided by the Cassandra IDE focus on handling video input sources like imaging devices and video files, as well as image operations and the interactive, graphical modeling of algorithms. The Programming Interface (API) written in C++ permits the extension of functionality through third party or own developed plug-Ins. All functions are available as building blocks that can be combined in a graphical user interface with just a few mouse clicks. Besides, many computational functions are available as public C++ functors as well.